Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Pachamama's Punch Cold Brew Coffee (Medium Roast, Fair Trade, Organic)

Pachamama's Punch Cold Brew Coffee
Medium Roast | Origin: Peru | Brewed in Minneapolis
Fair Trade, Organic
16oz (makes 8 prepared servings)

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Noerbot Jet Fuel

The Strongest, Smoothest Coffee in the Galaxy

We craft artisan cold-brew coffee that's delicious and powerful, made by humans for humans (and humanoid robots).

It's strong. It gets you going.
It's Noerbot Jet Fuel.

Fair Trade Coldpress Coffee USDA Organic Coldpress Coffee

Why do people love our cold brew?

(We'll let them speak for themselves.)

The Pachamama Punch comes in as advertised... the best damn cold brew in America.
👍🏼 Hashim G. - Minneapolis
Made with love in the Noerbot Labs, the concoction has all the characteristics of an excellent cold brew: low acidity, a mild yet complex flavor profile, and plenty of kick to get you through a full day (or more!) at the office.
👍🏼 Steven G. - Seattle
Noerbot Jet Fuel feels like an earthquake - in just a few seconds, I'm wide awake and the wisdom flows freely throughout my day!
👍🏼 Adriana J. - Chile
Noerbot Jet Fuel is the fuel for my life. It's the perfect mix of flavor and function. 🚀🚀🚀
👍🏼 Jon G. - Minneapolis
As a new father with a 6 month old baby, Noerbot Jet Fuel is literally keeping me alive.
👍🏼 Levi L. - Minneapolis
Gets the people going.
👍🏼 Jake J. - Chicago

What do we stand for?

Fair Trade - we believe in respectable wages for every person in the supply chain, because everyone deserves dignity and fair compensation.

Quality Coffee, Optimal Brew - our coffee beans are sourced from the best farms in the world and roasted to perfection. Our brewing process is scientifically precise to achieve the perfect blend of strength, flavor, color, and body.

Environmental Justice & Sustainability - the natural resources on our planet are limited, so it's up to us to use them responsibly. That's why all of our spent coffee grounds are composted on site and used to grow flowers and vegetables.

Hard Work - we strive so hard to make the best cold brew in the world that you can taste it and feel it when you drink our coffee. We guarantee it, or your next bottle's on us.

Noerbot holding his Jet Fuel "Life Force"

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